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Anthropomorphic Mouse / Rat / Squirrel / Crab / Mole Taxidermy

Beginner evening & weekend classes - Learn from the experts teaching Mouse Taxidermy since 2009

Mar 1st 2018 - Mar 1st 2027

Bird Taxidermy - Crows / Canaries / Budgies / Cockatiels / Birdwing etc

Learn to prepare and stuff a crow

Apr 1st 2017 - Dec 31st 2026

Heart in a Jar for Valentine's

Say That Special Something That Very Special Way Spend Your Afternoon Learning How To Preserve a Heart - Forever - Bottle It & Take it Home

Feb 11th 2018 - Feb 24th 2020

Insect Preservation

Beginner evening entomological classes in the preparation, setting and preservation of butterflies & Moths

Jan 16th 2017 - Jan 1st 2025

Mammal Taxidermy - Hedgehog / Puppy / Lamb etc

Learn The Craft of Taxidermy and Stuff a Small Mammal

Apr 2nd 2017 - Sep 2nd 2026

Private Classes

Book a Private Class To Learn To Stuff What You Want When You Want For Individuals, Couples, Families, Educational Institutions & Corporations

Mar 15th 2017 - Mar 1st 2026

Reptile Taxidermy

Learn the principles of reptile taxidermy & take your creation home.

Jun 1st 2017 - Mar 3rd 2027

Valentine's Pornographic Mouse Taxidermy

World Exclusive - Introducing Pornographic Mouse Taxidermy for Valentine's Day

Feb 9th 2018 - May 7th 2024

Valentines Classes

Heart in a Jar, Love Bird, Pornographic Mouse Taxidermy

Feb 11th 2018 - Feb 20th 2020