Mammal Taxidermy - Hedgehog / Puppy / Lamb etc

Learn The Craft of Taxidermy and Stuff a Small Mammal


Dates & Times
Apr 2nd 2017 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

The Islington Arts Factory

2 Parkhurst Road N702SF

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Tonja Grung

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Hedgehog Taxidermy 

£150 for one ticket


Puppy Taxidermy

(With or without wings) 
please email us if you want wings

£200 for one ticket



(With one or two heads)

£400 for two day course 



one day course

Hare Head


one day course



one day

Fox Head


two days

Fox, Fox Cub & Raccoon Dog Taxidermy


two days

Domestic & Wild Rabbit Taxidermy


one day



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We runs  huge range of different courses depending on what is in our freezer - please click the link above to see what classes we now have on sale - including Hedgehog, Puppy (with or without wings), Lamb (one head or two), Hare, Rabbit, Fox, Fox Cub, Raccoon Dog.  |We also give classes on mounting just the head of the animal - check for current availability 

Extremely Limited Supply

Classes for the more seriously inclined, join us for a day and learn the art and craft of taxidermy and skin, prepare and stuff your very own small mammal & take it home with you

We have been lucky enough to obtain a small supply of domestic african hedgehogs - natural deaths from the pet trade (Hedgehogs make charming and very pleasant pets Mr.Wynd himself has one, called Gilbert) & still born puppies from vets  (it is not unusual in a large litter for one or two to be born dead - these would either be eaten by the mother or incinerated - by great good fortune we know a veterinarian who has put some aside for us)