Taxidermy Classes


Fox / Deer / Snake & Tarantula Taxidermy Lessons

Learn to stuff a Fox, Snake or Deer & Tarantula & Take it home with you.

Jun 4th 2016 - Nov 6th 2016

Rare & Unusual Specimen Classes

Sunbirds, Budgies, Robins, Spiny Mice, Chipmunks, Barbets, Lovebirds, Sacred Ibis, & Raccoon Dogs

May 22nd 2016 - Nov 7th 2016

Mammal Taxidermy - Hedgehog / Puppy / Lamb

Learn The Craft of Taxidermy and Stuff a Small Mammal

Mar 5th 2016 - Sep 24th 2016

Two Headed or Winged Rat

Cerate a mythical Two Headed or Winged Rat

Jan 30th 2016 - Nov 26th 2016

Small Bird Taxidermy

Learn to prepare and stuff a small bird

Dec 13th 2015 - Dec 10th 2016

Anthropomorpic Mole Taxidermy

Learn To Taxidermy & Then Take Home a Mole in a Curious & Anthropomorphic Manner

Dec 7th 2015 - Dec 5th 2016

Sunbird, Raccoon Dog & Porcupine Classes

For the experienced taxidermist - we are opening up our freezer and coming up with some very special classes

Dec 5th 2015 - Mar 13th 2018

Bird Wing Taxidermy - Fascinator

A Gentle Introduction to Taxidermy - Create a Beautiful Bird Wing Fascinator

Nov 29th 2015 - Nov 21st 2016

Butterfly & Deaths Head Moth Preservation

Beginner evening entomological classes in the preparation, setting and preservation of butterflies & Deaths Head Hawk Moths

Nov 29th 2015 - Nov 10th 2016

Christmas Present Making Week

Make Your Own Presents This Christmas Give Your Loved Ones Something You've Stuffed!

Nov 25th 2015 - Dec 31st 2017

Anthropomorphic Mouse/Rat Taxidermy

Beginner evening & weekend classes - Learn from the experts teaching Mouse Taxidermy since 2009

Nov 16th 2015 - Nov 27th 2016