Bird Wing Taxidermy - Fascinator

A Gentle Introduction to Taxidermy - Create a Beautiful Bird Wing Fascinator


Dates & Times
Mar 23rd 2017 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Islington Arts Factory

2 Parkhurst road, N70SF

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Tonja Grung



In this class our celebrated Taxidermist - Tonja Grung - will introduce you to the art of taxidermy - the simple way.

You Will learn how to skin & preserve a couple of bird wings - and take them home with you

  • The wings are suitable for all manner of things - they make beautiful fascinators to add to your hat, or pin them on clothes, sew them on your stuffed puppy, or just play with them...
  • An ideal introduction to the art and craft of taxidermy
  • The wings used are likely to be either corvids (crows, magpies, jays etc - shot for pest control) or game birds like pheasant, partridge or mallard - with the wings discarded by butchers¬†